Junior School

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Dear 6DP,


I hope you are all well and coping well with the new world in which we now find ourselves. If you are like me, then you might be enjoying time spent at home with family but also missing the hustle and bustle of being at school surrounded by people.


It is really hard not going where we want when we want - I wonder if you are all finding that too. The only advice I feel I can give is to try and stay as fit and healthy as you can (by washing your hands regularly and thoroughly); do your best to get on with those that you live with; and keep your mind as active as possible. We will upload activities to the website every week so please check regularly.


Look after yourselves and those nearest to you, stay safe and remember that it will not be like this forever. If your parents or carers have any questions they can mail the school office on  and the message will be forwarded to me.




Mr Paradine