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Dear 6SLS,


It has been two weeks now since I saw you all. For some of you it has been even longer – but I completely understand why. I know it has been quite a worrying time for many of you over the last few weeks. I do understand – this is very unusual even for us grown-ups too! But I am very proud of you all. I have heard lots of stories about how some of you are helping at home (more than usual!) and how you are showing such resilience in this difficult time. It just shows how good always triumphs in the end.


I know for some of you, time off from school is a dream come true! For others of you, I know you are missing seeing your friends and missing being at school in general. I know I’ve missed hearing Mr Fletcher trying to sing in singing practise on a Monday (and all of his moaning too!). And I’ve missed my Frappe Friday sessions with Miss G and Mrs Giles (who both say hi!). I still managed to have a doughnut and cup of tea at 10:45am last Friday though!  I’ve not even been to Band Practice for 3 weeks – but I have caught up on Zoom with some of my band friends (although we couldn’t play our instruments as we were too loud!).


If - in all this horribleness - you have missed doing school work, do not be afeared! There are plenty of literacy and numeracy tasks in the Activity Section on the website (all grouped up ‘week by week’ now) and I will be adding some research ideas for our new topic after Easter: The Golden Age Of Islam. I am also trying to keep you all busy with the Top Up Tank Bank – adding something different or new to try each day. SO keep scanning through to see if there’s anything new. And don’t forget Mathletics and Times table Rock Stars! This is the perfect time to get all those x and ÷ facts learnt (you know who you are!). But make sure you have a break during the Easter holidays.


I really do look forward to having you all back together really soon.  Hopefully the school closure will not last for too much longer and we can get back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.  If you would like to send me copies of work or pictures please email Mrs Squibb  via and she will pass it on to me. I would really like to hear how you are getting on. 


Hope you have a great Easter – with lots of chocolate if you’re allowed! Please stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.


Mrs Smith