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Leonor Quispe

Explore the story behind Leonor Quispe.

What does she create? why?

Explore the following link


Find and record at least (the means minimum remember)  5 facts about her and her art


The following is an example of her work, see what other examples you can find of hers.  What is special about what she produces?



This piece is called Jungle Friends and is a wall hanging


It is telling the story of a rainforest: emergent layer, canopy, understory and forest floor.  (Topic work from yesterday)

Think about plant and animal life.


Can you see the different layers?

What can you see in each one?

What story do you think this is telling you?

What is you opinion of this piece of work?


Challenge for this week-keep hold of coloured card/paper, find any bits of old fabric or wool.  Try to track down some glue of some sort.