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Art Challenges

Get Creative by having a go at some of the step by step drawings each day! 

How creative can you get?


Previous Challenges -

Monday Challenge - Use the diagram below to create this Lady Bird step by step. How many secret Artists do we have in Year 3?  

Tuesday Challenge - 

Brighten up your day by creating this butterfly. Can you use just the Primary Colours from our Artist study of Mondrian to create a colourful butterfly?

Could you create your own, unique species with different patterns and colour?

Upload yours to the blog after!


Wednesday Challenge - 

As it's April 1st and the sun is shining, have a go at creating a chick. As we approach Easter and that Spring has now arrived, create your own chicks. Remember to upload them to the blog!

Thursday Challenge - 

As we get closer to Easter, practice your Easter Bunny drawing skills by following the simple steps. Where will your Rabbit be? Could you draw a landscape for your Rabbit to be in?

Remember - Upload your drawings to the blog for everyone to see! 

Friday Challenge - 

You have all been keeping busy, keeping your learning going. Now, can you become a Wise Owl and draw your own owl? 

What colours will you use? Can you add shading? 

Remember, upload pictures of your drawings to the Year 3 Blog!