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Day 11 Answer

Monday 20th April

Day 11


Welcome back my Wild Ones! (It will make sense in a minute I promise!)


So, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for the answer to the science problem...



How was it possible to stand on a box of eggs and not break them?


You might not believe it, but the eggs were all raw, not hardboiled! It's true that eggshells can be fragile, as they do crack very easily when struck on the side of the shell, but their shape is the key to their strength. As you can see in the picture, the eggs all have their pointy ends upwards. These pointy ends are similar to an arch, which we know is a particularly strong structure. This strong shape helps the downward force of weight to be distributed evenly through the egg when it is applied evenly.


An egg needs to be strong enough to support a hen sitting on top of it to keep it warm before it hatches but needs to be easy to break through when a chick is ready to hatch. It’s all about the force applied to the eggshell.  I'm sure you all cracked it!