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Day 13 Quiz Day!

Day 13

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Wowzers! Where has the week gone? Wednesday already!


Firstly, thank you Year 6 for the emails of work we have been receiving. It is wonderful to see how you are showing such resilience at this tricky time. Such fabulous work too. Keep it coming by sending it to the email address at the top.


Now for today's Top Up Tank:


Slightly easier - An A to Z quiz!

Have a go! (without cheating as the answers are on the last page!)

When you finish, carry out your own research about any facts you didn't know. Also, practise any spellings that were tricky. You can even write you own A to Z Quiz and send them in to us!

This sheet can also be found in here, along with the answers:

Slightly harder - Flag and Capital City Quiz!

Have a go! Name the country and the capital city to match each flag (without cheating as the answers are on the last page!)


When you finish, try plotting all the countries and their capitals on the blank map - be warned the answers are also there so no cheating!

These sheets can also be found in here along with the answers!

Also, keep an 'eye' on the science folder - there's a new day of activities being added each day (Light & How We See). On to DAY 3 today!


Please do email if you have any super work (or concerns) to share with us. See you tomorrow!