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Day 3: The Eye

Remember, for each lesson, firstly open the discussion image and make any notes about what the children are saying. Do you agree with them? If so, why? If you don’t, can you explain where their thinking may be incorrect?



Next, open the Powerpoint for each lesson and follow through completing the activities and clicking on the links as you go. Please record any work you do as you go and have fun!


Today, there's some sheets for labelling the eye - or you can draw your own. There's also an extra Powerpoint with a quiz. Only attempt this is you have done all the other learning as it's quite tricky. Make sure you explore the website links as these will help you to know which bit of the eye is which!


 Feel free to also do your own research (or a poster) about the eye too including researching about other animal's eyes. Do dogs, cats and insects see the same way we do?