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Day 7 BSL

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Day 7



So, today's new challenge:

Learn a new language!

I don't mean French or Russian!

I mean British Sign Language (BSL). And believe it or not, you already know some of the signs. Remember your Year 4 song in the church? That was B S L. It really is an important skill to have.


Well, today your challenge is to learn the alphabet. You don't have to learn it all today. Try learning 5 or 6 letters then build on that over the week.


When you've mastered it, have a go at The Easter wordsearch below. It's a wordsearch like you've never seen before! We'll move onto other signs later on.



Have a go at these BSL worksheets but be warned: Don't scroll down the worksheet too far otherwise you'll find the answers!