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Day 9 Poems

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Day 9


So today,  I'm being a bit naughty! I'm 'borrowing' an idea from Year 5 - Thank you Year 5 team:-) .


Last week, Mrs Garland shared some fabulous poems that have been written during this unusual time and also to record feelings and thoughts. 


In response to this, Year 5 children have written their own poems which are A...MAZ...ING! Take a look on their page on here. Fabulous work.


So now is your turn to put your creative ideas to the test! Your poems do not need to rhyme but they should have a rhythm (meter) to the lines - think about the number of syllables. Here are some WAGOLLs to read to help you get started. You can also decorate them or publish them on the computer.


I'm really looking forward to reading them when we are all together again or, alternatively,send them to Mrs Squibb on the email address given above so that we can share them on here too. Happy writing!