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Days 20-24 VE Activity Sheet

Days 20 - 24

Week Beginning 4th May 2020


This week, our 'Top Up Tank' learning is related to celebrating V.E. Day.  V.E. stands for victory in Europe and it is a very important milestone towards the end of the Second World War.  The war finally ended on 15th August 1945 with V.J. Day (V.J. stands for Victory over Japan).


Visit the BBC Clips website to find out more about VE Day


Below is an activity sheet with lots of ideas for you to complete. I have decided to give you a whole week of learning here so that you can plan your week out from the activities here:

Also, don't forget the subject folders above. There's a whole week of Literacy and Numeracy to complete!


Please do email if you have any super work (or concerns) to share with us. Take care and stay safe.