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Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish

Here are some ideas that you could use once you have shared the story. If you can think of anymore of your own, go ahead and impress us all!



  • Rewrite the story in the form of a playscript. Could you perform it to an audience?
  • Imagine that you went in a journey in a rocket. Where would you go? Could you write a story about it?
  • Can you rewrite the story from the man's point of view?
  • Imagine a world that is full of rubbish and pollution. Can you think of words / phrases to describe it?


  • Lots of plants and trees grow throughout the story. Find out what plants need to grow healthily.
  • Can you write some instructions to teach someone how to care for a plant?
  • Research the topic of dinosaurs. What different types if dinosaurs were there? How were they similar / different?


  • Look at the use of colour in the illustrations. Which pages are dark and gloomy? Which pages are bright and colourful? Could you try to recreate some of the pictures?
  • Could you draw the same scene using dark colours and then using bright colours?
  • Use the line drawings to colour dinosaur pictures (see Resources below).


  • Find out about different types of pollution and how they affect the environment.
  • Make a list of things that people can do to help the environment.
  • Make a poster to persuade people to reduce waste, reuse items and recycle materials.
  • Find out what happens to waste that isn't recycled.
  • The dinosaur explains that the earth belongs to everyone. Could you use this message on a poster / banner?


  • Make a timeline showing when dinosaurs and humans have been alive.


  • At the start of the story, the man dreams about the star. What are your hopes and dreams?
  • The dinosaur says that the man should have been rules by his heart and not his head. What does this mean?