Junior School

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Good Morning, my wonderful year 5 pupils!

Still have not yet received any examples of any work so can you all start sending in some of your efforts, please.

 We, the year 5 team, would like to see how well you are faring-here's the link to the Office's email address-  for the attention of: Mrs Garland, Mr Trickett or Mr Fletcher.

Today's purpose for writing is PERSUADE- sorry to shout-needed to capture your attention.


WALT: Explore ideas and layout of page.


WALT: Understand the term persuasion.

Birds: aren't they wonderful? Especially, at this time in the year. You can hear them chirping everywhere, brightening up the day.  However, all is not well in the natural world, birds have to fight for survival and need to eat.  Persuading/convincing customers to buy bird feeders for their garden/balconies, to help feed birds, of all species, is the purpose for writing.



When you hear the word persuade… what do you think? What does this mean? Thought shower this with family members-dictionaries can be used too. 

Write your definition.

Why do people need persuading?

Where have you come across persuasion or tried to persuade someone yourself?   Record your example, did you persuade? Why, what was the secret to your success?


What types of persuasive writing have we previously studied-don't forget earlier school years? Who can not remember the Shake'n Vac advertisement? 

Shake and Vac

Do the shake and vac and put the freshness back.Dremmel

Write your list.

What features do persuasive adverts, posters, letters have?

How did they persuade you- what was the secret to their success  ?

When writing your persuasive text, who could your audience be?



Look at examples(WAGGOLs).

Which ones do you like/ dislike?

Which ones do you think work? Why?

What forms does persuasive writing come in?

Who is the intended audience?



Begin to develop a word bank of persuasive phrases/language examples, you can magpie from WAGGOLS.
Think about the layout of the pages above.

How does it differ from poem/story/non-chronological texts ?

Penultimately, list how writers persuade readers to buy a product?

Formal or informal language-list some examples. You could use evidence from WAGGOLs or YouTube video.

Finally,design a mind map which show the ways advertisements persuade/convince.