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This week you will be PEEing on your pages and using  research to persuade and inform your chosen  audience. Parents, please do not fret/worry: PEE is an acronym for Point, Evidence, Explanation. Furthermore, you will need to choose formal language and use technical vocabulary, along with persuasive phrases, use of statistics, emotive language, rhetorical questions and empathy. The subject of this week's work is the Amazon Rainforests-this will link in with our Topic lesson.

Learning Objective: To investigate unknown vocabulary



As we need to start our sentences in different ways (remember ADSPICE?) here is a Powerpoint with some ideas: sentence_openers.ppt


Read the 4 pages of 'Riches of the Rainforest'  write new vocabulary you have discovered and start a dictionary of definitions, you coud do this as a mind map (like when we use sugar paper in school) or  as a list. This technical  language and new vocabulary could used as a word bank.




Riches Of the Rain Forests

What do you think the focus of your writing will be?

Who could be your audience-what kind of person?


 Can you find examples of prepositional and adverbial openers in the text?


You should have some unfamiliar vocabulary/phrases about: persuasion, emotive language, technical language. This could be used in your persuasive text.


Photo capture photos would be great to share, they can be emailed to your teacher, the office will have shared the teacher's email addresses with your parents/carers. Politely remind them.