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Learning Objective:

To analyse the text

Firstly,  think about the definition of the word, 'analyse' .  What does it mean? How could you check it's definition?

What could be used to find it?

Normally in class we would read a text. However, lockdown prevents us from doing so. Therefore, I am posting a video of the text-Shaman's Apprentice-for you all to watch. (Visual and audio learners be alert!)

The Shamans Apprentice

Once you have watched video, answer these questions. 


  1. Whose perspective is this story written from?
  2. Is there a message in this story that we need to listen too?
  3. What is is?
  4. Look at the layout of the book what fiction and non-fiction features can you find? 
  5. What effect does this have on you as a reader?

       What vocabulary do we need to know the meanings of to help our understanding? Such as- Shamen, harvested,   

     rituals, missionaries