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Today, these phrases will really help you get started with your writing.

Persuasive Sentence Starter to print if required

I asked my children, when I gave them feedback about their stories, could one young girl bring about change?  Well, could you and your opinion, bring about change?  Here is your opportunity to try.


Today, you are going to plan a letter to someone, in a position, that your feel could bring about change.

For example

  • Brazillian Government
  • Loggers
  • Farmers
  • McDonalds/Burger King (why? – find out)
  • Palm oil manufacturers

Or anyone else that you have found, through your research, who could effect change.


Sort your research into paragraphs, remember to group your topics together.  Topic focus is essential.


If you have any paragraphs that look like they have very little information in-carry out some focused research to fill the gaps.


Find an address by doing doing some investigative work, to be able to send your letter to the right place.