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22 May 2020


Yesterday, you should have planned each paragraph, each on one particular topic of your persuasive argument, thought about paragraph openers and using persuasive phrases and rhetorical questions, and finally researched someone to address your letter to.


Learning Objective:

To persuade someone to change their practice.

Quick Write Starter


Read the powerpoint, feel free to magpie any words/phrases that could be included in your persuasive letter.


Before you put pen to paper think about the following:

  • The tone of your letter-you want your letter to be taken seriously. Formal or informal English?
  • Point-Evidence-Explanation, plenty of Peeing BUT don't make your paragraphs too long-often these long paragraphs can be confusing.
  • Quality writing should be your aim, not quantity!
  • Use of simple sentences, to register your point.
  • Proof reading and editing/improving before you write next paragraph.
  • Remember, you can use your notes and your success square to help and keep you focused.
  • Finally, we can completely empathise with Ran Tang's situation, your task is to persuade influential people/governments that change is needed to save the rainforests of the world; it's species, their habitats and the Earth's resources are in danger of... This, my friends is up to you.
  • Here I will put in a reminder of PEE

Success Criteria

  1. Remember to introduce yourself and your purpose for writing the letter to the person or organisation you have chosen to write to.
  2. Structure your paragraphs to a coherent structures.
  3. Point evidence and explanation sentences
  4. Persuasive openers
  5. Emotive language
  6. Relative clauses
  7. Colon and semi colons

A concluding paragraph which remakes your main points.

Underneath I have put the above on a document that can be printed, if you wish.

 Penultimately,  do proof read, edit and improve.  If you are going to send this it really must be your best work including spelling and presentation.


If you would like send it to the person or organisation that you chose you can either use your own address or the school’s:

Grange Junior School

Franklin Road


PO13 9TS


Don't forget to date your letter!


Good luck, take your time and improve the life chances of Ran Tang and all the species of our  planet!


Finally, remember to email a copy to for your teacher to see too please.

Remember to