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Day 3

We are going to really focus on what we learn from the images in this book today.

Look at the 4 family members-what do you notice?



The Animals

Look at the picture of the giraffes...

What do we notice?

Annotate the image with positive and negatives.



Why is he going outside the frame of the picture?


Why do the clouds look like horns?


 Compare dad to the giraffes... Why are they camouflaged?



The Boy

Look at the last page, the shadows suggest the boy is in a cage… but his question is do you think animals have dreams?


What are your thoughts?


Today we would like you to write from the viewpoint of one of the characters or animals…   you can choose

What do you think they desire?

What would you dream?

What do you wish for?



Using effective emotive language you are going to write in character context to explain your thoughts and feelings.


Illustrate your writing if you would like to.