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WALT: Sequence notes to create an effective introductory PEE paragraph.


How do we order the notes to create effect? What does the text need at the beginning? (Introduction) What is important about an introduction? What is its purpose?

How do we structure the importance and order of our notes? What were the areas covered during our research? Deforestation, environmental issues, wildlife issues?

What subheadings could we use? Could these become information paragraphs/pages?

Can we group and sequence our notes to maximise effect?


Today we are going to work on our introduction… What paragraph style do we need to introduce/use to discuss and share our information and explanation? We are going to use a PEE paragraph…  POINT EVIDENCE EXPAND? EXPLAIN.

How can this help us to layout and present our work?

Look at the example below of a PEE paragraph:


There are several cities in the world that qualify as megacities, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City and London. A megacity is a city with a population of 20 million or more. They are cultural and economic centres in their countries. Some of them are located in very poor countries so the majority of the population live in poverty, many living in slums without proper sewage or streets. However, other megacities are extremely rich and prices of properties are higher than the national average. All in all, megacities have grown so much because more and more people want to live in them as they are usually considered the cities which offer the best opportunities in the country.



How can we start our introduction? P – Point – What is the point? What point are we making? Informing? Explaining? Discussing?

E- Evidence – Where is the evidence? E - Explain/Expand – How can we do this?