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The jabberwocky


Today is all about you writing your own poem that you can perform.  But in order to have given you lots of variety, please look back at the poetry we have given you this week and maybe do a little extra research of your own. 


Please watch and read The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll- Have a go at reading the words as you are watching?  What do you think this poem is about?

The Jabberwocky

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How did we get on with rehearsing and remembering our homework poem - Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll? What type of poem is it? Why is it known as a nonsense poem?

Starting to write

Don't forget you can magpie ideas from the poems read to help you with the writing process, or create and develop you own ideas.


As a starting point, you might want to choose a technique such as alteration, repetition or onomatopoeia to begin you writing.