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 Today we would like you to begin writing your  our own performance poetry, using and applying some of the key features identified through reading, watching, rehearsing and performing other peoples poems.


Think about the different poems that they have read, discussing the content, for example: ‘Gran can you rap’, Chocolate cake, sandwich, Talking Turkeys,

And here are a few more to help your thinking -  I’m walking with my Iguana, We’re going on a bear hunt etc…  Recap on variations of performance.


Walking with my Iguana

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Going on a Bear Hunt

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  • What strategies have been used?
  • Are they effective?
  • Identify the different subject matter in the poems we have looked at so far and how the authors have presented and used different pattern features within them

Your challenge

  • develop a word bank for their subject matter.
  • develop these ideas into a poem… what do we need to include to create a performance- reacap on features (Repetition, alliteration onomateopi, rhyme, rythym….)
  • Start considering whether your poem will tell a story, make a point, be humorous etc.