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Day 5- Yesterday you were thinking about whether it would be better to be in captivity or in the wild


Have a look at the following picture and do some thinking. 


This, at one time, was what zoos were like, are they still like this now? 


I would like you to do some research about zoos around the world.  I'll give you a few links to get you started but please look for some of your own.

  1. Are all zoos the same?
  2. Do all zoos have the same animals?  If so why or why not?
  3. Think about any zoos you have visited, what was your opinion of them?
  4. If you haven't yet visited a zoo, follow the web cam or a virtual tour on one or some of the zoo's websites, then answer question 3.
  5. Begin forming your own opinion about whether zoos are good or bad places.#

Conjunctions for connecting contrasting ideas- Remember to write some of your own, when you have completed the examples given