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Lost in the Amazon


Today I would like you to bring together the 4 skills you have been practising this week to write for me a story following on from the opening, I have written for you.

Remember you must include some examples of each.

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Fronted adverbials
  • simile and metaphors
  • relative clauses

LO: To use all this week’s grammar skills to write a creative piece using the picture stimulus


There was absolutely, nothing unusual about last night. 


Creamy, hot chocolate had helped me go off to sleep easily.  Even though I could hear loud voices, like a party in full swing, outside my bedroom window, I drifted off really quickly.  My lovely room, which was at the front of our terraced house, in Gosport, is my happy place. 


The screech of some wild, crazy animal, right above my head, woke me suddenly with a start.  Staring upwards, all I could see was a green, leafy canopy, where my ceiling should be.......