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Getting ready to write your balanced argument about zoos

To start with today, I would like you to look at all the research you have gathered.  Have you managed to fine some good opinions and some bad opinions?  You will notice that all these opinions give evidence-but is all this evidence accurate?  It is always up to the reader to make sure that they have checked the authenticity (look up the work) of the evidence give. 


To give false or fake information, will create a bias view and is how people encourage others to change their thoughts about an issue. 


Remember to always check the source and facts.


Once you have checked your facts and ensured you have gathered enough information on both sides on the argument, it time to sort it out into paragraphs.


You could use the planning frame below to start thinking about how you will sort your information or alternatively, you can create a planning frame of your own to help you. 

PLanning document to print