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Using Conjuctions Correctly

Recap on formal/informal language

Today we will be starting to write our balanced argument.

Recap some of the points from each side of the argument. (Zoos: good/bad?).

Recap the features of a balanced argument – consider specific ways of using these.

For example, explore “opposition conjunctions” such as, on the other hand, other examples were on last Friday's English web page.


 Should animals be kept in zoos?


Intro: Since 1752, animals have been kept in zoos for a number of reasons. This argument will consider the benefits and drawbacks of keeping animals in zoos in the twenty-first century.

Emphasise to children that they should not start to argue/give evidence within this paragraph.


For 1: Due to the destruction of animal habitats in the wild, some animals have lost their homes. This has unfortunately led to some animals becoming endangered. Animals have also become endangered due to hunting.  By keeping animals in zoos we can keep them safe from harm whilst attempting to facilitate breeding programs. Where breeding programs are successful, some animals may be reintroduced to the wild.


For 2: Despite the success of breeding programs for some animals, such as the Arabian Oryx, it is believed by some that most of the achievements of these programs are limited. We must also consider the ability of animals to survive in the wild after being bred in captivity.

Your Task:


Don't forget to the write title; you will also need introduction and subtitle for, for/against paragraphs.


This video may be used to help children gain greater knowledge/understanding of balanced arguments: