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Flight As A Symbol

All of our RE units allow you to learn about 1 or 2 religions whilst following a concept. This unit will allow you to explore stories in Islam and Christianity related to the concept, FLIGHT.


It has 5 steps:


Step 1 – Enquire:  What does the word ‘symbol’ mean? How can flight be

a symbol?

  • What does the word symbol mean?
  • What does the word FLIGHT mean?
  • Look these words up to see if your definition is the same as a dictionaries/the internet’s.



  • Explore how flight is used in stories and songs.
  •  Is the idea of flying in these films/books a symbol? What of?
  • What does flight in the story/film/image mean?

(power/another world/magic/supernatural).










  • Songs with flying in:

I Wish I could fly


  • Again, why have these songs included flying? Is it symbolic?
  • Can you think of any other songs that include the concept of flying?




Step 2 – Contextualise:  What does flight symbolise in religious stories?

  • Research one of the following stories that show flight as a symbol:


Elijah’s fiery chariot


Mohammed’s night journey


Jesus’ ascension or transcendence



  • Draw  pictures, act out your story or write as a poem.


  • What does flight symbolise for your story?
  • What are the significant differences? What is the same between the different stories?
  •  Why is it so important to humankind?


Step 3 – Evaluate:  What is the value of flight as a symbol?

  • Is flight a useful symbol? Why/why not? Does it work?
  • Would these stories be the same without flight? Why/why not?
  •  How important is it for man to be able to fly?  Harder version

  • Daedalus and Icarus was the first story about flight but it has become the most famous and popular.
  • Why?
  • Why did man want to fly to the moon?
  • Why does man want to fly to outer space?
  •  What would happen if they couldn’t? Would it matter?


Step 4 – Communicate:  How do I feel about the idea of flying?

  • How do you feel about the idea of flying?
  • Have you ever dreamed of flying?
  • Have they been on a plane? How did they feel?
  • Have you ever had any odd experiences or dreams or flying or seeing yourself from a height? How did it feel? Why might you have dreamt this?


Step 5 – Apply:  How do our responses to flight affect ours and others’ lives?

  • Is the symbol of flight always good?
  • Does it mean the same to different people?
  • Discuss why do people join in the annual flying off the pier each year when they don’t usually succeed?