Junior School

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Do you think that the animals in a rainforest are the same/different as our forests or maybe a bit of both………….

Can anybody name animals that they think live in a rainforest? .


Find some. images of animals that live in the rainforests. Do they recognise any? What are their names? Discuss and tell them animals’ names. TP’s to discuss what they know about the animals……..


Do they think all Animals live in the same layer, why?


Do you think that every rainforest in the world will have the same animals living there? Justify your answers.

Based on the 4 layers/strata of the Rainforest, to try and find out about the different animals and/or birds that are in the different layers, it is important for the children to begin to realise the prey predator situation of the rainforest forcing the different habitats to form.

Use secondary resources to research.


Make connections to food chains / habitats learning in science

Why do you think ___ lives in the ____ layer of the Rainforest?

Do you think a ___ could survive in the understory? Why? Why not



To  identify the different animals that live in a Rainforest.


To  backup and give reason why the animals live in this layer due to food source/predatory vs prey situations.