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Golden Age Of Islam

Our new history topic is entitled:

Early Islamic Civilisation – Baghdad The Golden Age Of Islam.


During this unit we will be learning about the significance and importance of Bagdad in helping to build and shape this early civilisation and examine how and why it developed such a major world power.


Can you produce at least one piece of work about Baghdad, The Golden Age Of Islam?

  It might be a poster, leaflet, a PowerPoint (printing out copies of the pages or emailing it or saving on a USB).

I t would also be lovely if you could add some art to it - or do this as an entirely separate piece. Use the following questions and websites to guide you. 


  • What is meant by the term civilisation?
  • Find some key facts about Bagdad and about why it become a major world power?
  • Identify some similarities and differences between life in Baghdad and London in AD 900.
  • Find out about the House of Wisdom. What was it? What happened there? How  did it became a centre for learning? Can you find out the names of anyone who studied there?
  • Research and find out about significant discoveries and studies which were led by early Islamic scholars and evaluate the impact they made on the wider world.
  • Compare how Islamic and European medicine in the Middle Ages was different.
  • Describe how the work of early Islamic doctors has influenced modern medicine.
  • Who was the founder of Islam?
  • What does the word caliphate mean? Who were the first four caliphs?
  • Perhaps present some information about the roles and responsibilities of a caliph.
  • What was the Silk Road trade route? Can you find out about the methods used by early Islamic chemists when making perfume?
  • Maybe, plan and design your own perfume and bottle – write a recipe and design a bottle using Islamic pattern.



Finally, have a go at reproducing your own Islamic art designs. I’ve put some sheets to help you, but feel free to investigate this yourself.

Where was different forms of Islamic art was used?

Create your own early Islamic style geometric pattern.

I've also added a few extra ideas in the art folder too. Why not take a look.