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Junk Music!


Find it, make it, play it!


Our music topic – linked to our topic Mankind vs. Humans – was going to be to create our own ‘Junk’ percussion then to use this to create our own pieces. Well... I think you are in the perfect place to do that at home – but it doesn’t have to be junk!


Firstly, have a look at these to get some ideas:


Now, go on a hunt for sound makers (untuned instruments) and start to make
(remember to ask permission before using things)




Next, it’s time to make some instruments that could play a tune:


Look here to find out how to make a blown instrument


Other ideas for instruments that will play a tune




Using your new instruments


Click these links to play following
the bee then the worm



Choose an instrument and play each time the bee lands on a flower (easier)



Choose an instrument and play each time the worm lands on a symbol (harder)


Have fun playing along with Weapons Of Sound


This is a bit silly, but if you want to, use your instruments to add sound effects to a story.

Click the link to hear the story (pausing the video each time you get to a sound to add). Add sounds for walking, the grass, splashing, mud, stumble-trip, snow, tiptoeing, running home, shutting the door.


Or finally, get creative. Write and perform an onomatopoeic sound poem Onomatopoeic words are words that sound like what they describe e.g.




Put On A Show!


Choose something to perform and rehearse it (perhaps Bear Hunt, playing your instruments along with Weapons of Sound or your onopamatopoeic poem) until it is the best it can be then perform it to someone and/ or record it and send it to your relatives and friends to cheer them up!


Happy music making!