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Learning Objective:


To identify viewpoint of a character

To create a storyplan for a viewpoint.


Quick re-visit to prepositional phrases: over to you. (See what I did there?)


Quick Write Starter:

Prepositional openers.



Watch the video


Iceland's Banned TV Christmas Advert... Say hello to Rang-tan. #NoPalmOilChristmas

You won't see our Christmas advert on TV this year. But we want to share our 'No Palm Oil' story with you this Christmas. Say hello to Rang-tan.

How does this get the message through about what is happening in the Rainforests and the impact of this on the World as a whole? Jot down your thoughts.


Think back to the reading we looked at on Monday how were we given the information?

Think about the Shamen’s apprentice that we explored yesterday, how were we given information .

How does this orangutange give us information?   Pronounced Rang-Tan

We are going to write the Rang-Tan’s story.


What is the message he is trying to give us?

What information could we use from the advert?  What are we going to need to add more information about?

What would Rang-Tan know about?

What other information could we include from our other reading this week?

Planning own story from Rang-Tan;’s perspective. You could use a story mountain, cartoon strip, time line-your choice, you can be creative. I have also attached a planning sheet. Remember not to write your text today!


Remember Rang-Tan would only know what he has actualy been part of or could have been told.