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Day 2 Addition let's start by getting that brain warmed up

Quick Addition:

20 + 30

56 + 20

99 + 19

199 + 199

50+ 80 + 20

1,199 + 2,999 + 3,999

5,003+ 4,009

£23.99 + £123.98

Think about the strategies you used to help you make these calculations quickly.  Use the same strategies to help you complete the challenges on the following additions mats or complements challenges. 


I have added lots of different sheets today, look at them all carefully and choose the one(s) which set the right challenge for you. 


You may check your answers on a calculator AFTER you have completed the section. (These are available in accessories on a computer or on a tablet/mobile phone)


If you are struggling with those activities and wish to remind yourself of some number bond work, try out these.

Complements activities to print