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A huge contributing factor, which lead to Victory in Europe was the breaking of the Enigma Code-the code that the Germany forces used to send secret messages. 


The machine to be able to break and decipher this code was carried out by an Englishman  called Alan Turin in a place called Bletchley Park.  Bletchley park is open to the public (not during the Coronavirus) and you can see the actual machine and all the offices and barracks where the code breakers lived and worked.


Today I would like you to become a codebreaker.


Firstly, you need to work through the PowerPoint, which will instruct you how to break the different codes. Then follow the activities to see how many you can decode.

There is an answer sheet so no cheating - break the code first then check to see if you were right.


Remember-cracking codes during World War Two saved lives.