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Lockdown maths lessons 



Grange Junior School Year 3 maths lesson 1

Grange Junior school gosport Lesson 1 for arrays and number lines A brief lesson showing you todays work

Maths worksheets for lesson 1 You can do one or all 3.

Grange Junior School Gosport year 3 lesson 2 maths

Lesson 2 using number lines

lesson 3 maths Grange Junior School Gosport year 3

A short recap on how to use a number to solve a calculation.

Grange Junior School Lesson 4 14th January

Another quick recap on how to use number lines and arrays.

Grange Junior School Lesson 5

Using bar models to represent multiplication.

Welcome to the maths page. 

This year our goal is to ensure that every child in year 3 has almost instant recall of the year 3 times tables. In the autumn term, we will be focusing on the 2,5,10 and 3 timetables. During the rest of the year, we will be focusing on the rest of the timetables.

To help us achieve this goal every child will be given a free membership to times table rockstars and Mathletics. you can follow the links below to use these websites.