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Mixed Media Art


Our recent Art unit in class was based on Jacquline Mair and her mixed media pieces:



Firstly, see if you can remember the 5 facts we learnt about her in our art lessons.


Secondly, see what other interesting facts you can find out about her. 


Present these in an artistic way - as a poster?

Lori Siebert


 Lori Siebert is another mixed media artist who finds inspiration for her creations from things around her. Take a look at all of these multimedia pieces:


Research this unknown artist - Lori Siebert - and find out at least 5 facts about her.


Then, have a go at creating your own 'Spring-like' multimedia piece - perhaps recycling any papers or packaging you have at home. Use paint (if you have any), coloured pencils, different papers and fabrics using a collage technique. Happy creating!