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The children at school completed this lesson last week.

Step1 - Research the artist Pablo Picasso.


Step 2 - Design your creative face on paper


Step 3 - Use scrap cardboard to cut out the different shapes of your face. Remember to build layers by stacking the cardboard. Glue the pieces together and paint it.


Look at some of the amazing faces created in school!




Watch the clip above. In this clip, Emma Majury takes us through a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a landscape painting using composition sketching, colour wash and colour mixing to create moods and effects within a painting, taking inspiration from the world around us. She shows how to use different tools such as sticks and spatulas as well as brushes to apply the paint to create different textures on the paper surface, and how applying paint to wet paper can create an abstract effect such as fireworks, flowers or stars.


You can experiment with different painting techniques, materials and types of paint just as Emma Majury show us in the clip. Think back to the work we did in school with colour mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. If you don't have paint at home, can you experiment with different media, such as felt pens or crayons?


Have a go...

Explore different effects on wet, dry and textured paper.

Find out how different materials behave and react with each other.


Be creative with your painting to create different moods through your use of different materials. Send us an email showing off your fabulous art work!

Roy Lichtenstein

Research the artist Roy Lichtenstein. Find out 5-10  interesting facts about him.

Try to recreate one of his pieces of art. 

Sketching Tower Bridge

Have a go at sketching Tower Bridge. Focus on the outline of the basic shapes first. Then create the different sections and add the smaller details.

Paul Klee

Research this famous artist and find out 5-10 interesting facts about them.

  • Paul Klee was born in 1879 in Switzerland


Now try to recreate some of his famous artwork


Wassily Kandinksy

Research this famous artist and find out 5-10 interesting facts about them.

  •  Wassily Kandinsky was born on 16th December 1866 in Moscow, Russia.


Try to recreate some of his famous paintings.