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PSHCE - Self-Regulation


Wow, our PSHCE learning objectives couldn't be more important than they are for the situation we are in right now

  1. I can realise when I am not coping.
  2. I can understand when others are not coping.
  3. I am able to ignore others behaviour.
  4. I can respond appropriately to other’s feelings.
  5. I can respond appropriately to how I am feeling.
  6. I can understand when I am finding things difficult and make the right choices.
  7. I recognise physical feelings are linked to my emotions.


So my challenge to you is to do something everyday this week, that you are proud of.  This could be helping out at home, doing you school tasks without a fuss, helping younger brothers or sisters with their school tasks or anything else which makes you feel proud of yourself. 


Remember you can email us with your proud moments at  We are waiting to hear from you. 

We will add your proud moments to this page so we can all celebrate you.