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Quiz 1 5/6/20

Summer 2

Quiz 1

  1. What is the capital of Brazil?
  2. How long was Henry VII on the throne of England?
  3. Where did the Greek Gods live and who was the main god?
  4. Which house did the Tudors belong to during the War of the Roses and what colour was their rose?
  5. Which 2 planets are the Earth's next door neighbours?
  6. Where would I find the Parthanon?  Exact information please not just Greece!
  7. What was the name of the family, who Harry Potter lived with, at the start of The Philosopher's Stone?
  8. How many siblings did Henry VIII have?
  9. Which Greek mythical hero had to complete 12 trials, called labours?
  10. What happens to the air waves so that we can hear a sound when it is made?