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The Amazon Rainforest

Summer Term Day 1-  This half term our main topic is a geography one so we will begin today with some map work.  I have attached a printable map below (you can try drawing it out, if you are unable to print it) 

I would like you to locate -

  • the continents
  • main seas
  • rivers
  • label these carefully (remembering that each and everyone will need to begin with a CAPITAL letter!)


Once you have found and labelled them, I would like you to spend a little bit of time doing some research to find out where all the different rainforests in the World are located.  


1. Colour them on your map paying close attention to both size and location.

2. Can you see anything that their locations have in common? 

3. Can you explain the reason for this?


Once you have completed the map and research work, watch the video in the link below and take notes about what you have learned and use it to write a definition

What is a tropical rainforest?’ 

You will need to use less than 40 words in your definition and include info on weather, climate, animals and plants!

Blamk World Map