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Reading Home Learning

Remember that daily reading boosts your reading ability and not reading means your reading age can drop!!

You have a school book to read but ANY book that you read and enjoy will be absolutely fantastic so whatever else you do..... KEEP READING!


Remember: Read 5 x a week and record inside the reading journal booklets!


Some suggested activities when reading to keep you busy: MAKE LISTS to bring back into school for use in the classroom!


  • How many new synonyms for said can you find to show someone is speaking/talking?


  • What different verbs are used within the text to describe movement?


  • What different adjectives are used to show feelings of a character?


  • What examples of similes can you find within the text you are reading?


  • Use a dictionary or online dictionary to find the meaning of new words


  • If you're a reading Non-Fiction, use the glossary to look up the meaning of new vocabulary

Take a listen to some David Walliams texts. He is offering free audio stories so feel free to take a listen!