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A food chain is essential for all our planet's species. Remove take out one link of the food chain and...catastrophe awaits!

Plants/vegetation are a very important link within the food chain. Nature is very clever and ensures that there is plenty of plants each year. To enable plants to grow, seed dispersal is vital-we studied this aspect last week-this week we are going to explore how plants are pollinated.

Let's have a look at this Powerpoint.

Parts of Flower | Pollination Video | Video for Kids

Let's learn all about the flowers with this video. For more videos go to: Thanks for watching

What do you understand by pollination? How do you think pollination happens?


In your book, write the male and female parts of a flower.


In class in previous years, we have used a flower head, ask before you pick, it could be a wildflower, and found the reproductive parts of the flower and stuck them on  our page and labelled them.

VERY IMPORTANT: wash your hands after and do not touch your face whilst handling the parts of the flower. Be wary if you have allergies (hayfever).

Here are some worksheets for you.