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Topic- Tudors


To find out more about different Tudor conflicts.  We have looked at the Battle of Bosworth Field, The Battle of the Solent and most recently, have been learning about The Spanish Armada.  

What other battles were the Tudors involved in?  

How did they begin? 

How did they end? 

Are any of the battle site local, so that you could visit them easily? 

Which ones are further away? 

Which monarch was involved? 

Please produce a quality piece of learning showing all your new knowledge.



 Please research Tudor ‘celebrities’.  We have looked, in detail, at the life of Thomas Wriothesley (1st Earl of Southampton) W

Who else was an important figure in the courts of the Tudor monarchs? 

  Why were they famous? 

Which monarch were they connected to? 


William Sommers, Sir Walter Raleigh, Mary Boleyn, Robert Dudley (Duke of Northumberland) are a few names to get you started.