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Where are the rainforests in Brazil?


LO: I can locate the rainforests in Brazil and understand what the environment in Brazil is like.


Today we are going to be looking at the physical features of Brazil. Remember that the physical features of a country can be Natural (e.g. rivers, forests, etc) and Man-made (cities, bridges, etc).



Using either the map you may have printed last session (see document below)  or by drawing the outline of Brazil and the websites linked below or your own research, you are to locate the following and draw them on your map:


1.Label Brazil’s Capital city

2.The Amazon  river

3.The 2 Oceans nearest Brazil

4.Label 4 major cities in Brazil

5.Shade light green the Amazon  Rainforest

6.Label 2 mountains in Brazil

7.Add a key to your map to explain your symbols

Brazil Physiography - Maharashtra State Board Geography