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VE Day

Today, in this incredibly important week in global history, we will enjoy finding out more information about an aerial  battle that was hugely important to the outcome of WW2


Yesterday, Mrs Garland, invited you to research a timeline, that spanned WW2. I hope nobody looked at the until they had finished the activity. I found it incredibly difficult not to peek at answers!

The Battle of Britain


Absolutely terrifying, for the Brits, Hitler ordered his air force (the Luftwaffe) to bomb Britain, known as The Battle of Britain-1940.

Germans Bomb RAF Airfield, 111th Squadron Intercepts in "Battle of Britain"

The Germans begin the Battle of Britain by bombing Red Sector (Dover) airfields. 111th Squadron is scrambled to intercept the bombers, then find out they wer...

Your task today, matches with the work children are enjoying in school.  You will need to research aircraft from the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force-their names, in fact you could make a Fact File or some Top Trump cards. Really focus on one aircraft-they will be an activity in today's Art page, that will link to this activity.