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Week 1 - W.B 1st June 2020

Week beginning 1st June 2020

L.O: To understand angles within shapes and the properties of 2D shapes 


This weeks learning is all about angles in shapes! Yes angles not angels! 

You do not have to print the worksheets to complete these activities - Be creative!

  • Use paper to draw the shapes (Ruler needed!)
  • Use sticks for the shapes, have a go outdoors!
  • You could use anything with a straight edge



Click the links to access the videos for each day and remember you can watch the video as many times as you want to help you! 

Day 1 - L.O: To Understand Right Angles 


Watch the video about Right Angles and start to understand what a Right Angle is.


How many Right Angles can you find at home? 

Remember that a right angle has 2 straight lines which meet in an 'L' shape as shown below.

Day 2 - L.O: To Recognise Acute, Obtuse and Right Angles 


Today, you will build on your Right Angle knowledge by investigating what Acute and Obtuse Angles are and how easy it is to recognise them! 

Video 1 - This video will give you all you need to know about recognising different Angles.


Video 2 - Watch this video below up to 1.19 seconds which will tell you all about them. It's a very catchy song!



Day 3 -

L.O: To recognise Horizontal and Vertical lines


Today, you will start to recognise the meaning of the words Horizontal and Vertical. 

Watch the video below to help you understand these!

How many objects can you find at home and outside that are either Horizontal or Vertical?

Day 4 - To recognise Parallel and Perpendicular lines


Today, you will find out 2 more different types of lines.

The video below explains what parallel lines and perpendicular lines are! 


Again, you can make these types of lines using sticks or anything straight! Have fun!

Video 1 is a great explanation of these lines


Video 2 is another great explanation by a child! I wonder if you can explain it as well as her by the end!

Day 5 - L.O: To use angles to describe properties of 2D shapes


Today, you will bring all your knowledge about different types of angles and lines to help find out new properties of different 2D shapes.

Watch this video which will help you with completing the activity. 


If you get stuck, watch any of the other videos from previous days to help you! 

An extra challenge:


Can you list the properties for some of the shapes on the activity sheet? - Only do the ones you know. You don't need to do them all!

Remember to say -

  • How many acute, obtuse or Right Angles it has
  • Label any Horizontal or Vertical lines
  • Label any Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines 
  • How many sides it has