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Week 5 - W.B 29th June 2020

Monday 29th June maths 

We are continuing division this week. In school, we use the number line method or arrays (sharing into circles). I have split the work into 3 levels starting with 

1) Have a go

2) Confident

3) Challenge 

You can choose which level to start on or you could do all 3. Don't forget to send the work into the blog or to your teacher, so that we can see it and add it to the Friday assembly. I'm looking forward to seeing your work. Remember if you need us to print the work for you just email us. 


The videos below are a helpful reminder from last weeks Division learning!


Year 3 - Maths - Division on a Numberline KS2

Our good friend the Numberline.

Division Using A Number Line

Division Using A Number Line

Division chunking on a number line (Year 4)

Maendy Primary School has created a helpful video to help children at year 4 age with division using the chunking method on a numbeline.