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Week Beginning 11.5.20

Science for the next 2 weeks will be a chance to finish any tasks you've not yet completed and then to produce an end of topic piece of work.  


Now that you have finished learning all about teeth and digestion we would like you to create a video aimed at next years year 4 to tell them all about it.  You can choose either teeth or digestion.  You can film on a phone, tablet, laptop etc.  You can either do the film as yourself or take on a role, for example, scientist, doctor, dentist.  If you want to use props, costumes or pictures to help, or even another family member (only if they agree) then please do so.  Good luck, have fun,  and we cant wait to see them!


What to include for teeth:

- how to look after your teeth

- all about your teeth (how many sets, what they're made of, names and types etc)

- What happens if you don't look after them?

EXTRA (if you want to)  animal teeth  - types and function and how they help the animal to eat


What to include for digestion:

- a definition of digestion

- What happens during digestion (include names of parts of the digestive system and their job) 

EXTRA (if you want to) animal digestion - Can you explain about some animals having different digestive systems to humans e.g. animal with more than 1 stomach