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Week beginning 13.07.2020

For this week, we will be finishing  our  book, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. There will be a transcript or a sheet available for you to read along while you listen. Please follow the link below to take you to the audio recording of the book:


Remember, you can always complete your work in your purple book.

Lesson 1: Crime & Punishment in Victorian England


People in Victorian times were concerned about how much crime there was and wanted to find ways to reduce it.


Theft was very common. In busy towns where there were overcrowded streets, pickpockets took the opportunity to steal money and small goods from people’s pockets or bags. Many of these pickpockets were children. Criminals would also break into houses to steal valuable items.


Over the Victorian period, more prisons were built and there were rules about the treatment of prisoners. Life in prison was hard and prisoners were expected to carry out difficult physical work.


At the beginning of the Victorian period, children could be sent to adult prison. However, in 1854, special youth prisons were introduced to deal with child offenders, called ‘Reformatory Schools’. Other forms of punishment included fines, a public whipping, hard physical labour or being sent to join the army.


Using this resource, create a factfile about crime & punishment in the Victorian era. You can use the subheadings given or you can use some of your own – e.g. you could research the difference between prison today and prison in the Victorian age.

For a less challenging task, complete the wanted poster for Oliver Twist.



Lesson 2: Writing a script


Write the conversation that Rose had with Mr Brownlow, telling him of what happened to Oliver since he last left Mr Brownlow’s house. Things to include:

  • Oliver is kidnapped by Nancy and Sikes
  • They bring him back to Fagin’s den
  • Oliver tries to escape but is recaptured and locked up by Fagin
  • Oliver is forced to break into a house but is shot & injured
  • He is left in a ditch by Sikes
  • Rose & Mrs Maylie look after Oliver and nurse him back to health
  • Nancy visits Rose and tells her that Oliver is in danger

Read the instructions on the PowerPoint to help you.


Lesson 3: Listening & Reading Comprehension


Answer the questions below in your purple book or on the sheet.

Lesson 4: A Victorian portrait 


The Victorians were very fond of painting or photographing portraits of themselves. Mr Brownlow had been given a portrait of Oliver’s mum by his father before he went abroad. Using the template provided, use the likenesses of Oliver to draw a portrait of what you think he looked like.

Lesson 5: New Book Cover


You can use to create a new book cover. You MUST ask an adult to help you get started with this. Make sure you include the title, name of the author and a picture on the front cover. You can send a photo or an email with your cover attached for us to include on the website.

Alternatively, you can use the template below or a blank piece of paper to create your own cover.