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Week Beginning 15th June

Thank You Letter's


During the last 12 weeks and prior to this, Key Workers have been going to work to keep is safe., secure and supplied with every day items.


Who are Key Workers?


Of course when we think of Key Workers, we have been clapping the NHS on a Thursday, so Key Workers include: Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Pharmasists, Cleaners, Domestic staff, Caterers, Delivery drivers, Ambulance personnel and so many more.


But Key Workers also include, Police, Fire Officers, Military Personnel, Shop workers, Delivery Drivers, Postmen, Teachers,  Social Workers, Engineers, Religious staff, food production staff, Bus drivers, Train drivers, Charity workers, Financial sector workers, Government staff, Electricity, Gas, Telephone services personnel ... and again so many more.


Some Key Worker children have been in school, telling us how proud they are of their parents and other Key Workers, who have been working to keep the country fed,safe and secure.


Therefore, we thought it would be nice to write letters to Keyworkers to say thank you. The letter can be to someone personal, who you know. Maybe a family member or family friend, that has been doing essential work. Maybe someone has made you smile, made you feel proud, made you feel special. Maybe you just want to write a generic thank you to all the shop staff at Tesco, or Amazon. 

Now it is your turn to make someone else feel, valued, cared for, special...


Write a short letter to say Thank You to someone or a group of people of your choice. Send it to your teacher, so we can post these to the person or work sector that you want to thank.


Get Writing......