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Week Beginning 1/6/20

Friend or Foe


We started reading this book the week before lockdown and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to finish reading/listening to the book.

Day 1 - Author Study


The Author of 'Friend or Foe'is Michael Morpurgo. Morpurgo is an extremely well known children's author and we have read other books written by him. Your task today is to create a fact file of information about Michael Morpurgo.


You can use the Michael Morpurgo website to find information


You can write bullet points into your purple book or you can use this activity sheet to write the information on.


Day 2 - Leaving London


Use this website to listen to the first section of the story.


Listen to 'Leaving London' where David, Tucky and their school friends travel to Paddington Station to be evacuated to Devon.

After listening to the first section, annotate the picture of David and Tucky waiting at the station. Think about what you can see around them, what the two boys look like and how they might be feeling.

Day 3 - Comparing London and Exeter


David and Tucky leave their home in London which is being bombed regularly and they are evacuated to Exeter. These 2 places are extremely different. Use the images to compare what they look like and what life would have been like in each place.

Day 4 - Mr Reynolds


Listen to the next section 'A Long Journey' where the two boys arrive in Exeter and find out who is going to look after them. In this section we meet Mr Reynolds, use the character sheet to describe his appearance and his personality.


Day 5 - True or False?


Listen to the next section 'The Townies in the countryside' where David and Tucky settle into life on the farm with Ann and Mr Reynolds.

After you have listened, try to answer the true or false questions about the start of the story.