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Week Beginning 22.06.20

In this lesson, we will be looking at characteristics of both vertebrates and invertebrates. We will also look at classifying these, using those characteristics, using the branching tree diagram.

Do as many as you can or indeed all of these tasks.

Task 1:

Have a go at playing some of these sorting and classification games. Be aware: Some of these games require FLASH, which may be a security risk for some systems.


Task 2:

Try one of the differentiated tasks below. Go through the Powerpoint first. You can complete this in your purple book if you cannot print out the pages.

Task 3:

This link will show you how to create a dichotomous key. This is a very important tool to sort animals according to their characteristics. Using the tree template provided, you can work alongside the modelling on the link or complete your own using the resources / animals provided above.


Once you've familiarised yourself with the lesson objectives, have a to at these activity sheets: these are listed in increasing level of challenge, starting with the easiest.


Task 2:

Task 3


This video is a very good introduction to creating questions and constructing a Dichotomous Key: