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Week beginning 22/06/20

For this week, we will be starting a new book, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. There will be a transcript or a sheet available for you to read along while you listen. Please follow the link below to take you to the audio recording of the book:

Lesson 1: Author Study


Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens, is a timeless classic by one of our most well- known  writers. Charles Dickens wrote many children’s books and I’m sure that some of you have already read some of his stories. In this lesson, we will take a closer look at Charles Dickens himself using the template below or write some notes in your purple book. Use the website below to help you:

Lesson 2: Listening Comprehension


Listen carefully to episode 1 of the story. There is a transcript provided for you to follow along. Some of the language may be unfamiliar to us today as 200 years ago people used different expressions and phrases, especially in London, that have fallen out of use by now.

Lesson 3: Descriptive Writing


Look at the picture of London and use the setting description prompt sheet to help you plan for tomorrow's lesson.

Lesson 4: Setting description


Using yesterday's plan, write at least 1 paragraph describing the picture of London.

Lesson 5: London settings comparison


Listen to episode 2 and follow along using the transcript. We are comparing two different pictures of Victorian England, around 1850. One picture is of a well-off area and the other is of a poor area, known as a slum.